About Us

Marie Galloway Ausler has wrapped herself around the next “must have” for anyone’s wardrobe by inventing the Scarffie – the only scarf with pockets that combines fashion, functionality, and fun.

What makes the Scarffie unique is the oversized pockets which Marie has termed, “Pocket Sleeve Technology”.  The patent issued Pocket Sleeves are ideal for carrying valuables such as cell phone, wallet, and keys while also giving you the ability to insert your arms and wrap up for warmth and comfort. 

Marie Galloway Ausler was inspired to invent the Scarffie out of sheer necessity.  In 2009, Marie was suffering from Lupus, a chronic, inflammatory disease in which the body’s immune system fails to serve its normal protective functions and instead forms antibodies that attack healthy tissues and organs.  As a result, Marie had to leave her career in the retail industry and focus on getting healthy for the benefit of her husband and children.  She found herself in and out of the hospital and experiencing frequent chills followed by hot flashes as well as sensitivity to the sun.  Each time she would go for treatment, she would grab a scarf, sweater, and her purse, which carried her phone, medical and personal ID information.

Marie put her creativity to use and decided to sew pockets in her scarves when she went to the hospital as a solution to mix style with functionality and thus, the first Scarffie was born.  After a couple years of research, obtaining a patent, locating American suppliers and manufacturers, Marie founded Scarffie International.  Scarffie first went to market in the Fall of 2011 and has been growing momentum ever since.

The versatility, functionality, and comfort of the Scarffie will quickly make it the favorite item in anyone’s wardrobe. Wrap it, tie it, belt it, throw it over your shoulder, there is no wrong way to wear your Scarffie!