Mother of Pearl w/ Pocket-Sleeves

Mother of Pearl w/ Pocket-Sleeves

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Fun in the sun! This Spring/Summer beauty won't let you down and wears well to an outdoor concert, evening dinner, or shopping around town. Mother of Pearl Scarffie is made from a light to medium weight rayon blend and works well with all of your summer wear.

Wear your Scarffie over the shoulder like a shawl or wrap, gather and tie it like any scarf, or when you get cold, insert your arms in the pocket sleeves and wrap up for warmth and comfort. The large pocket sleeves are ideal for storing cell phones, wallets, keys, and glasses while keeping your hands free to go about your regular activity. Product is reversible and can be worn with pockets on the inside or outside. Scarffie is made in the U.S.A. of the highest quality fabrics.

Material: Rayon Blend

Care: Machine wash/lay flat to dry

Note:  Pictured with the pocket sleeves on the inside.

It's not an ACCESSORY, it's a NECESSITY!