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Our newest addition to the Scarffie line of products.  Scarffie Hoodie, made of super soft materials, is the piece you will love to wrap up in this year!  Its warm enough for the chilly Fall weather and can be layered with a jacket to give you extra comfort and protection during the winter months.  Scarffie Hoody is the essential item for sporting events to stay warm as you cheer your team on and still give you the ability to utilize the pockets for your keys and wallet.  When the temperature dips, put your arms in the Pocket Sleeves to wrap up! 

 The Scarffie is a must-have for every wardrobe! The large pocket sleeves are ideal for storing cell phones, wallets, keys, and glasses while keeping your hands free to go about your regular activity. Scarffie is made in the U.S.A. of the highest quality fabrics that are safe for machine wash and dry. It's not an ACCESSORY, it's a NECESSITY!

Currently available in black jersey fleece

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